SecureWay Products

The difference between the SecureWay Day/Shower and Night/Exchange holders are:

The SecureWay Day/Shower holder is used when doing your daily activity and when taking a shower.  It uses a string type necklace or if preferred, a snap clip that can be hooked to your shirt or bra.

SecureWay Night/Exchange holder is used when doing manual exchanges or when hooked up to your cycler machine.  It can be attached to your pajamas or undergarments while you are doing your exchanges.  Keeping your catheter secure and leaving your hands free, it will keep your catheter safely secure to the cycler tubing while you are asleep.

SecureWay increases movement by eliminating the use of constrictive belts and reducing the use of tape.  YO\our catheter will move more naturally with you as you go about your busy day.

SecureWay reduce the ricks of catheter exit site irritation and infection by eliminating the risk of tugging.  The catheter remains secure during the day when you are active and at night while you are asleep.

Since there is minimal need to use tape with SecureWay, there is no more pulling on body hair.

The Day/Shower holders can be used daily.  It is especially helpful in the shower where it keeps the catheter secure without using any tape, allowing you to wash up without worrying about the catheter dangling.

You can also choose to use the snap-clip with your SecureWay to attach your catheter to your shirt or bra.

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