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  1. I bought my holder in 2016 to use with my Baxter PD catheter. I turned out to be allergic to all the tapes used to secure my catheter down so this product was a godsend. I loved the choice of colours. I’m in Australia so thought shipping would take ages but it arrived in a week. I used all 3 holders and loved them all. I bought some plastic cords from a discount shop and made different coloured cords to wear around my neck that matched my clothing. No one ever asked what the cord was because it looked like part of my outfit. The shower holder is excellent too and I also used that for my catheter during the day. The clip holder I used at night with my machine as I found it helped to weigh my catheter down and reduced the chance of me squashing my line. If I didn’t want the cord around my neck I used the alligator clip to attach it to my bra. Best thing is you only have to buy one. I was lucky enough to receive my gift of a kidney 14 months ago so no longer use the holder. I have kept it though, just in case.

  2. Stumbled across your website while searching for info on PD, as I start training tomorrow. Already sick of all the tape it requires to hold everything in place, this was a no-brainer. Placed my order and it was delivered very quickly. So far, I am in love with this clip! Using the shower clip currently during the day to keep the catheter end held up out of my way. I can see that the exchange clip will come in very handy at night to keep everything in place. Thank you Edward for designing and marketing this great product!

  3. When I was a prospective PD patient, I started researching people’s experiences once I knew that’s where I was headed. Knowing myself and how I am hard on dressings, bandages, etc., I had nightmares about yanking out my PD cath and injuring myself. Images of getting tangled up during the night while hooked up to the cycler or during manual exchanges really worried me.

    Once I had my PD cath, I ordered my secureway set. Now, a month into dialysis, I can’t imagine not having my secureway tools and am so pleased and grateful that this product is out there for PD patients. I use both tools and am really glad I got the set.

    The tape I was using caused my skin a lot of irritation and started to bleed every time I tried removing it, so I was even more happy to have my secureway tools.

    Ordering went smoothly without a hitch and delivery was quick. Great product design, great business operation and I highly recommend both! Thank you and best wishes to your continued health, Edward!

  4. Back on this site because patient in Europa are asking for PD catheter sollutions (forum).
    I discovered Secureway in 2011 and immediatly ordered one. I`ve used it during my 3 years of PD dialysis.
    It is a simple, affordable and super working sollution. At night, during the day and escpacialy in the shower it provides secure and safe holding of the PD cath.
    I live in Europe and no comparable sollution is at hand over here. I still do not understand why this simple plastic utensil is not wide spread world wide under PD users.
    I highly recommend Secureway.

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