Why Choose Us?

Save Money - You will not have to buy more than one Secure Way PD Catheter Holder. With proper use it will last years, saving you money over other catheter supports.

One Size Fits All - The Secure Way necklace can be worn or you can use the clip option to attach the holder to your clothing when your on-the-go. Either can be worn by anyone and everyone!

Reduce Infections - Secure Way is never close to your Exit Site, which reduces the risk for infection. Bathe

Comfortably - Secure Way gives you the ease and access to clean your Exit Site properly and completely. Safe

Usage - and special design of the holder keep the cap and catheter valve securely in place

Comfort - Wearing the Secure Way necklace and/or clip is light and comfortable, which is ideal when you’re on the go. Plastic construction and minimal skin contact increases this level of comfort dramatically!

No Tape - No tape means less irritation and less chance of infection!

Connect to Solution with ease - The Secure Way PD Catheter Holder Locks your tubing to your valve during Exchange, meaning your tubing will never come loose. Secure your valve and hose to your clothing during Exchange and prevent it from being accidentally pulled or snagged from your Exit Site

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